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How We Help Nonprofits

The Nonprofit ICU Podcast

Listen completely free to two episodes every week, in which we share our nonprofit expertise with you. The knowledge you gain from the podcast will help you start, grow and manage a successful nonprofit that makes a huge positive impact on the world and enriches your life with knowledge, experience, connections, satisfaction and a decent salary as well.

Failure Is Not An Option

The cost of failure is steep: if your nonprofit doesn’t succeed, your mission likely won’t be accomplished any time soon. The pain and suffering you were trying to alleviate from the world will continue largely unchecked. The positivity you intend to share with the world will never reach the numerous people who are receptive to your message and ready to take part in your programs and contribute to your cause.

The insights you will gain from Nonprofit ICU will keep your nonprofit out of the nonprofit emergency room, or even worse, the nonprofit graveyard, which is where the vast majority of the nonprofits that have ever been founded have ended up.

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On Success

The benefits of nonprofit success are numerous: personal growth, happiness, and fulfillment; opportunities to meet, learn from and work with the brightest minds and the most passionate people in your field; the thrill of inspiring kids, educating your fellow citizens, winning your most important campaign; getting paid to do what you love, and maybe even seeing your nonprofit featured in famous publications.

Let’s get to work and make sure that your nonprofit accomplishes far more than you have ever imagined possible.

About Our Founder: Dr. Kerry Kriger

Nonprofit ICU Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger gained his real-world nonprofit experience from building SAVE THE FROGS! from scratch into one of the world’s most recognized environmental nonprofits. His experience with all aspects of SAVE THE FROGS! since founding the organization in 2008 will help you significantly reduce the time it takes to get your nonprofit up and running, and increase your nonprofit’s likelihood of success.

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What They Are Saying

“If you want to know something about Kerry Kriger, you could look up the 8+ pages on Google Search about him. But all those citations won’t tell you what a passion Dr. Kriger has for learning, and for sharing that learning with others. He has the perfect balance of right/left brain intelligence, imagining possibilities as quickly as lightning, finding solutions, and turning them into educational and business opportunities.

Dr. Kriger founded the international nonprofit organization SAVE THE FROGS! in 2008, and in 13 years, has built it into a financially transparent, influential, and worldwide treasure of knowledge for any and all who care for amphibians and what they mean to the world’s future.

Now, having figured out how to resolve all the problems of launching a nonprofit organization, Dr. Kriger is offering a new program: Nonprofit ICU (Intensive Care for Your Nonprofit). His areas of instruction range from automations to volunteer management.

He is not modest, but he is generous and good to the core. I fell in love with STF! and Kerry in 2009, when I stumbled across his website, and have become increasingly drawn into his environmental cause.

Because of Covid, I have waited for two years to finally meet Dr. Kriger in person for a SAVE THE FROGS! Ecotour at the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Although I can hardly wait, the time will pass like lightning while I sit at his feet learning how to get A Frog House sustainable as a collaborative local project.”
Margot Fass
A Frog House, New York

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Nonprofit ICU Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger will help you develop strategies AND implement them, so that you see more revenue, less expense, more impact and less stress.

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